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Shooting the Shit with JR Cruz

A podcast were comedian JR Cruz invites interesting people over to his studio (Grandma's House) and shoots the shit. 


Jul 2, 2019

Comedian Johnny Mitchell and I discuss some real serious issues or not. Listen in...

Jun 20, 2019

Robert Zapata and Rene Vaca talk shop! Listen in...
Also go check out Saliva Sage's page... lol!

May 8, 2019

We Outside the Haha trying to get these Jon's laid.
Comedian Camille Theobald blessed us with her wisdom. We also had a random girl roaming the hallways that joined us. Listen in...

May 1, 2019

The Funny and Gorgeous Melanie Silva stops by studio and offers some advice for all you Jon's out there. Listen in

Apr 18, 2019

Comedians John Mitchell and Laurie Douglas drop by the studio. Maybe this podcast can hep Jon get laid? Who knows anything can happen....